The average life of a homes roof depends on the type of product used but is not the only factor. A homes roof can have many other aspects that can cause a shorter lifespan. Basin Flood & Fire wants you to know these to help you with planning a timeline of when you will need to think about replacing your roof.

One of those aspects is a popular trend of having a roof of a darker color. Darker colors tend to absorb more heat from the sun’s rays. Overheating of roofing products can cause weakening of the product, which in turn aging of the product prematurely. Absorbing more heat does have some advantages in Northeastern Utah and Uintah Basin, the extra heat causes the snow on the roofs to melt quicker. The less snow build up on your roof the less likely an ice dam will form. Ice dams can form on any type of roofing material and any age of roof. The only true way to prevent an ice dam is to remove the snow from your roof. If you suspect you may have an ice dam, call Basin Flood & Fire for a complimentary inspection. Ignoring the problem will only make the problem worse. Mold can start to grow within 24-48 hours after building materials have gotten wet. Basin Flood & Fire can put you mind at ease with just a phone call.

More than one layer of roofing material installed is another factor that can cause shorter lifespans on roofs. The best option is only having one layer of roofing shingles. One layer has better adhesion, less holes or pathways for water to get into, and less weight. The less weight on your roof the less likely it is to collapse or cave-in especially after a large snow fall. Living in the Uintah Basin, some years too much snow can be a big concern.

A steeper pitched roof will last longer. The steep pitch does not allow moister to sit and cause erosion or debris to buildup. A downfall to a steeper pitch is the cost of installation does go up. Safety risks for installers increases and the time it takes increases. Special equipment is required and not all contractors will install on a steep pitch.

Proper ventilation of a roof pays a large part in a roof’s lifespan. Without proper ventilation a roof will grow and shrink more with the temperature changes causing buckling, cracking, and settling. Settling can cause pooling spots for water, weakening, and then eventually leaking. Nice flat surface planes with no where for water to collect is ideal. Ventilation for roofs is done in multiple ways. Vented ridge cap, turtle vents, Soffit Vents, Powered Vents, Gable Intake Vents are some of the most popular.

Trees and weather are one of the most common contributors to premature aging of a roof. In the Uintah Basin weather can be extreme. Between our cold harsh winters and our hot dry summers our homes can take a beating. Microbursts are very common for the Uintah Basin and cause thousands in roof damages every time. Here at Basin Flood & Fire our team can inspect after all weather damage to make sure your roof is still in good repair. After a Hailstorm has hit your home heavily, it is a good idea to have someone who is experienced in weather damage to inspect your roof. Hail damage can be deceiving and hard to detect sometimes. Hail can leave small indents in roof material causing weakening and small pools for water to collect, severely aging your roof. Having a professional inspect your roof after a hailstorm event is highly recommended.

Trees are definitely a double edge sword. Having trees around your home can help immensely in heating and cooling efficiency. On the other hand, limbs and debris falling can cause damage to you structure and exterior materials, acids in the trees leaves and bark erode roofing materials, rubbing and scratching also cause continuous damage. Keeping trees trimmed and healthy will be your best defense from damages, but never a failsafe. For when damages arise, Basin Flood & Fire has a team always ready to protect your home from further damages and can assist in restoring to your home to a safe environment for your family.

When choosing your roof or when buying a home take into consideration all potential problems that can cost you money. Make sure you talk to your local insurance agent about insurance coverages and potential claim denials because of roof issues. Talk to a professional like Basin Flood & Fire, roofing companies, and/or home inspectors to find out what likely problems would there be due to one or multiple factors to cause a failing roof.