Mildew vs Mold, who do you call in the Uintah Basin to help?

When you have something black, green, yellow, or brown growing in your home and you and concerned it could be MOLD, Basin Flood & Fire is here to help! 435-789-MOLD(6653).

Here at Basin Flood & Fire, we specialize in mold mitigation and are trained in knowing the difference in Mildew and Mold growth. We work with all home insurance companies and can help walk you through the insurance claim process. Some insurance companies do not cover mold related claims, while others will have a limit on what they will pay or cover. Ask your local agent about your coverage. Before opting for one of the many DIY mold removal options, it is wise to consult a mold mitigation specialist, even if your insurance does not cover mold damage.

Both Mold and Mildew are considered microbial growth and are both in the fungi family. Mildew is a surface fungus, essentially harmless and easily removed. Typically mildew is found in and bathrooms, around window seals, and other commonly moist surface areas. To clean and remove mildew, take a house hold cleaner and a scrub brush to it until the surface is clean. Mold on the other hand, is a far more aggressive fungus. Mold starts to grow after porous materials (such as wood and drywall) get wet and are not properly dried in a timely matter. Calling a Licensed and insured Restoration Company (like Basin Flood & Fire) after a water leak will help prevent mold damage. Mold is known to aggravate asthma, allergies, auto immune diseases, and many other health conditions. Mold can spread very quickly in the right conditions and cause structural damage and harm to your home and harm yours and your family’s health.

Removing Mold DIY is not recommended, you can cause more harm than good if not done properly. You can actually spread the mold problem by releasing the spores into the air causing potentially new microbial growth elsewhere in your home. Having a Mold mitigation specialist perform the work will better protect your home and family. A Mold mitigation specialist, like Service Team here in the Uintah Basin, will insure to prevent cross contamination throughout the rest of your home. Mold mitigation specialist will also have a third party mold tester perform a pretest and posttest to unsure against cross contamination and unsure the return of safe levels in your home. Restoring your peace of mind.

For your free inspection and estimate on your mold damage call Basin Flood & Fire at 435-789-MOLD(6653). A friendly Team member will help get you scheduled and be able to answer your questions. We are also are available 24/7 for all your emergency restoration needs.