Want peace of mind after your home has flooded? Basin Flood & Fire does that and more! Here at Basin Flood & Fire, we specialize in drying water damage in the Uintah Basin. We have been serving the entire Uintah Basin since 2010 for all your Water damage cleanup and restoration needs. We service Tabiona, Altamont, Duchense, Randlett, Jensen, and everywhere in between. Emergency flood services include 24 hour response (any time of day or night), 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and every holiday, Basin Flood & Fire is who to call for water damage. 435-789-6653.

Cleanup after a flood should be left to a Professional water damage specialist. Flood damage can be minimal with a quick response time and with proper drying of water damage. Water does not cause the damage, staying wet does. Emergency flood services apply when you first realize you have had flood and water damage. If you know your sink has been leaking for months and now you decide it is time to take care of that water damage, that is not considered an emergency, and you do not need emergency flood services. Scheduling a free inspection during normal business hours is the best action to take for non-emergency water damage restoration. Having the right equipment is essential when drying water damage. A simple household box fan will not cut it. Dehumidification, heat, and the proper amount of air movement is needed for most all home flooding, without it mold/microbial growth is highly likely to become present. Water Damage and flooding does not need to be scary here in the Uintah Basin, Basin Flood & Fire has your back!

Cleanup after a flood if caught quickly can be simple to restore by the professionals and possibly cost less or close to your deductible. In those cases, you will not need to file an insurance claim. When filing a claim is necessary after flood damage and cleanup our Team can help. We work with all home insurance companies! If you are referred another company by your insurance for home flooding problems, it is always your choice in the end which company you use in your home.

Call 435-789-MOLD(6653) for flood damage near you in the Uintah Basin and let Basin Flood & Fire be your go to BFF.